Business Law

Closely-held businesses are the backbone of our community


For our business clients, our focus is on effective guidance and quarterbacking legal matters.  We frequently work with our clients’ tax advisors, lenders, insurers and contractors/employees.  For some business clients, we are on speed-dial for advice on all types of matters.  For others, we are an as-needed source for occasional advice.  In all cases, we apply a whole-picture approach to legal matters, working collaboratively with our clients to effectively and efficiently pursue the desired goal or strategy.

The reality is that success in business requires navigating an increasingly complex legal world. It is not enough to merely run a business; you must also consider changing governmental regulations, liability protection, family dynamics and succession planning, labor issues, debt and security obligations, changing tax structures, intellectual property challenges, environmental issues, and a host of other matters.

We are your partners in business.  We regularly advise clients in the following areas of property law:

  • Entity creation (LLC/Corporation/Other Forms)
  • Buy-sell agreements and option agreements
  • Asset and stock sales/purchases
  • Contracts
  • Employee disputes

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